Sarah de Castro - Coach Code of Conduct

A professional coach’s code of conduct that I adhere to:

  1. Coaching Commitment

    The coach works with total consciousness and professionalism, basing their practice on their training, experience and supervision.

  2. Confidentiality

    The coach adheres to the professional standard of the strictest levels of confidentiality. They shall not reveal any information of their individual or collective coaching sessions.

  3. Continuous Development and Supervision

    The coach continuously works to better their practice and commits to being in the best possible form to do their job, therefore the coach is to be supervised in their practice.

  4. Respect for Others

    Conscious of the context, the coach will not abuse their position of authority or influence.

  5. Obligation of Means

    The coach uses all means necessary, within the scope of the client’s framework, to allow for the professional and personal development of the coachee, including, if necessary, referral to a colleague.

  6. Development of Autonomy

    The longer-term vision of the coaching is that the coachee develops the necessary autonomy to continue in life independently of the coach.

  7. Mutual Choice

    Both the coach and the client are free to accept or refuse to accept the coaching job at their discretion, in the case of refusal by the coach they are to refer the job onto a colleague.