Sarah De Castro International Coach in Paris: Coaching teams in companies.

Sarah is a state recognized coach with a Master 2 “Professional Coaching” from the Sorbonne (Panthéon-Assas) and a Master 1 in Communication from the Universities of Auckland in New Zealand and Melbourne in Australia.

She has been living and working in Paris for more than 15 years, as a marketing consultant, trainer, coach and educator in luxury, technology and change management.

Drawing on years of experience within a range of global enterprises in France, from LVMH to Engie to startups and non-profits, Sarah works with clients to clarify their objectives, align this with personal performance, identify needs and resources, and create a road map for action.

Sarah accompanies change and intentions by providing clients with a stress-free space to allow them the perspective needed to look at their bigger picture.

She works with teams and individuals to strengthen cohesion, support change, find a collective vision or establish objectives. As well as anxiety in the workplace, stress management, SMART goals and performance, Sarah aims to further of the importance of coaching women in the workplace to optimize their talent, give them the capacity to be heard, understood and supported.

With deep insight into the challenges and benefits of working with a cross-cultural global team, Sarah can accompany teams to allow each member to work to their strengths and communicate efficiently.

How to coach teams and individuals in companies: Sarah’s tips to corporate clients.

  • Clarify their objectives

  • Align the objectives with personal performance

  • Identify needs and resources

  • Create a road map for action